Welcome Ministry of Social Welfare
Ministry of Social Welfare is one of the important ministries dealing with human resource development, Poverty alleviation, Welfare-development and empowerment of the bypassed, disadvantaged segment of people. To introduce Bangladesh as a Welfare state the ministry is implementing programs like old age allowances, allowances for persons with disabilities grants and aids to acid burnt victims The ministry has also Multidimensional and intensive programs for the welfare of the by-passed, disadvantaged segment, unemployed, landless, orphans, distressed, vagrants, socially, mentally and physically handicapped, poor, helpless patients, juvenile delinquents population of both rural and urban areas of the country. In accordance to article 15(GHA) of the constitution of Bangladesh, social welfare ministry as well as the organization/institution under the ministry is implementing these Programs. All the Programs are related towards achieving the targets of Millennium porno izle  Development Goals (MDGs), Management of social Transformation (MOST) and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). To be more dynamic and accountable the ministry has undertaken development approach instead of charity approach. People oriented Programs and work plans have made the ministry popular to rural people.
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