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Ministry of Social Welfare
Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Secretariate, Building#6, 3rd Floor
Address:  Bangladesh
Telephone:  88-02-9515534
Hon'ble Minister
Mr. Enamul Hoque Mostofa Shaheed, MP
Hon'ble Minister
Ministry of Social Welfare

Mr.Enamul Hoque Mostofa Shaheed, a freedom fighter and veteran Awami Leaguer was born in 28 March 1938 in an illustrious family from Chunarughat,Hobigonj. He has been a member of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Awami League since its inception. He completed his graduation from Bindaban College, Hobigonj and LLB from Dhaka University. Basically he is a Lawyer.But he got devotedly involved in politics.Mr.Enamul Haque has been contributing in voluntary work, social welfare related work and educational movement in his locality for a long time. To establish several schools and colleges he played vital role. During the Liberation War in 1971, he received CNC special training from India.He was director in Youth Camp in our liberation war. He also acted as Civil Affairs Adviser in different sectors. He played a key role in all anti-Ayub movements in the pre-liberation war scenario and particularly led the mass-upsurge in 1969 and the six points movement. He was detained for his role in the movement.He was involved in all the major democratic political movements of Bangladesh as a forerunner, especially during the anti-autocracy movements in the 90s.He was elected six times as member of parliament from Chunarughat-Madabppur, Hobigonj in 1970, 1973, 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2008 elections.In the Fifth National Assembly he was the member of the Standing Committee for Land Ministry.He was Chairperson of the Standing Committee for Planning Ministry and member for Land Ministry of the 1996-2001 parliament. On 6 January 2009, he took oath as Minister and got responsibility of Social Welfare Ministry. A politician dedicated to the welfare of people, Mr. Shaheed is much loved and adhered by the people of his constituency. He has played a major role in improving the infrastructures, communication systems and livelihood of the people in his area. His father was late Doctor Abdul Hoque, a prominent medical practitioner in his locality. He visited different countries such as USA, China, Hong Kong, Maxico, Philipines, Singapore as the member of the delegations of our National Assembly.Mr. Shaheed is Married and Father of two sons.